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Shops searching

Are you looking for specific e-shop? Search it by name or its focus across all e-shops which are already registered in mobile gallery ShopsInTouch. If you find the right e-shop, add it to your favourites and watch its events and news.

Products searching

Are you looking for specific product? Search it by name, description or EAN code in all registered e-shops in mobile shopping gallery ShopsInTouch. You can also go through foreign markets. If you find the right product, add it to your favourites or send it by e-mail for later purchase.

Product price comparison

Compare product prices in different e-shops and find the right price for you. The price may not always be the only one selection criterion. You can also use offer of certified e-shop. You find these information about e-shop in business card in mobile application.

Saving products to favourites

Save your favourite products to your list, where you can automaticly track movement of price and availability. Use favourite product section for showing chosen product to your friends or sending by e-mail for later convenient purchase from home.

Saving shops to favourites

Would you like to have your favourite shops available without their searching again? Save them to the favourites and your e-shops are available in home page of mobile application. You can also evaluate your e-shops by using a simple scale. For this purpose are desplayed stars for easy orientation.

Sharing content on social networks

Share e-shops or interesting products with your friends on social networks or by e-mail. Among registered e-shops are smaller retailers, who offer very interesting goods suitable for sharing with your friends.

... and many more great features for mobile shopping

Possibility to view detailed product’s photos and video Information about options Simple search of product accessories User rating of all e-shops Tailored for different types of mobile devices and resolution

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